Beverage & Sauce Package
Blow Molding Machine

Multi-layer,  Liquid level line,  Auto deflasher,  Leak tester

Beverage & Sauce Package Blow Molding Machine

  • Brand: Leshan
  • Bottle type: Juice, Milk, Kechup, Honey Mustard, Mayonaise, Salad dressing, Soy Sauce, Chilli Sauce, Olive oil, Palm oil 
  • Cavity: 1-6 cavity
  • Station: Single/Double (choose one)
  • Continuous extrusion die head
  • Mterial:HDPE LDPE PP PVC
  • Customization acceptable, bulid your specilized machine

Machine Description:

Customer Testimonials :

       I am Real detergent production manager from Dubai. Before we contact “Leshan”, we need to purchase many bottles from supplier. Now we can produce our own 5 liter jerrycan and 20 liter container, their engineer taught me how to operate blow molding machine. I was really surprised by their amazing after-sales service and machine quality.

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