Milk bottle
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Milk Bottle Blow Molding Machine

  • Milk is one nature drink in our daily life. HDPE package is widely-use in dairy product storage.  Therefore, we need to ensure that the production is stable and high to meet huge market demand.
  • Customization acceptable, bulid your specilized machine

We use multiple die-heads to make the milk bottle. Normally is 6 heads and 8 heads. The capacity can be around 2700~3600 pcs/hr.

We have our own mold department and we design & make the mold by ourselves. We supply many different material for customer to choose, such as the steel, stainless steel and Aluminum with Beryllium Copper. Also, our mold can equip with auto deflasher.

Usually, customer will choose rotary cutting device for milk bottle. The neck will be smooth to seal after cutting.

Machine Description:

Customer Testimonials :

       I am Real detergent production manager from Dubai. Before we contact “Leshan”, we need to purchase many bottles from supplier. Now we can produce our own 5 liter jerrycan and 20 liter container, their engineer taught me how to operate blow molding machine. I was really surprised by their amazing after-sales service and machine quality.

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